■ Jingumae Media Square

building site:Shibuya-ku Tokyo
principal use:studio for rent
site area: 2,261.88m2
total floor area:10,148.97m2
structure:S+SRC(,partially )
number of stories: 3 basement floor
             9 stories
             1 PH

Meiji street between Shibuya and Harajuku is one of the most fashionable area for young people. This building was originally designed to put a large TV studio as an anchor use and to collect media-related companies as tenants.
The main studio (A-studio) which can be converted to an event hall is laid out on 1F and its supportive facilities are on B2F level. On 9F, a sub-studio (B studio) is designed to overlook beautiful Yoyogi park and gymnasiums. 4,5,6F are used by the head office of News Broadcasting Japan co. and 7,8F are by Konami (a famous game soft maker). It is literally a mecca of media business.
In the huge main entrance hall, there stands an illuminated wall which shows the urban pattern of Shibya district.
We insisted on using the raw matterials as much as possible and especially the exterior design paid high attentions to the next door temple and Meiji street.

■ Meiji University Ikuta Guesthouse

building site:Kuriya Tama-ku Kanagawa
principal use:guesthouse
site area:518.87m2
total floor area:371.37m2
structure:RC+S(,partially )
number of stories:2 story

This guesthouse built near Ikuta station of Odakyu line is designed to provide for a place where the foreign invited researchers, the faculty members and the students can easily communicate and exchange their mutural intelects.
An entrance hall connected to a small court, and 3 family units are laid out on 1F and 6 single units, a Japanese room and an open deck are planed on 2F. The keyword in design was "Hospitality", and the whole design was developed considering the following points;
 1.Keeping the building height low and with an open deck on 2F, we can acquire full of sunlight and natural ventilation. The finish material of the court permits the rain percolation into the ground.
  2.In the inrerior design, we avoid using chemical glue for our health and adopted reasonable raw materials as the finish.
 3.Laying out the building along the river, we could create an intimate court with a symbolic tree surrounded by the open corridors.
The entrance hall attached to the court is specifically designed to afford several kinds of social events.


building sit:Setagaya-ku Tokyo
principal use:shop
site area: 401.42m2
total floor area:1,196.15m2
structure:RC+S(,partially )
number of stories:1 basement floor/ 5 story

This commercial buiding is located in the busy area among a department store and a shopping center near the Futago-Tamagawaen station. It was planned to be an anchor project for the deveropment of the background area, providing for a plaza and inviting unique shops as tenants.